11/14/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

John Cusack Talks War Profiteering, McCain Campaign's Race-Baiting

John Cusack sat down with Meet the Bloggers for a video chat the other day, and talked about the contracted nature of the war in Iraq and the obscene war profiteering that has been going on, a subject close to his heart after co-writing and starring in "War, Inc," which is now on DVD.

Cusack also says of the current election:

"If McCain wins that means the press and the public stood for 30 days of race-baiting and smears and that once again we rolled over. I think that Senator Obama is going to have to fight back and meet this force with some heat. It's seems pretty clear they've been reduced to basically race-baiting to try and win this election."


"War, Inc" reviews:
The San Francisco Chronicle calls it, 'a bracingly in-your-face, unapologetic political diatribe the likes of which Hollywood hasn't seen since co-writer Jeremy Pikser's "Bulworth"'

USA Today said of the film and its star:

War, Inc.'s biggest asset is its star, producer and co-writer, John Cusack. He's one of the most likable American actors, and it's a pleasure to see him in something other than a mainstream romance or generic drama.

His comic timing is razor-sharp, and he can deliver a harshly sardonic line and still remain engaging...

Though it occasionally tries too hard, the fast-paced and sharply written War, Inc. is audacious and entertaining

And as cinemablend put it:

Ringing in the election with this movie will be a bonus in itself. With all the seriousness of the president election, a good satirical comedy may be just what we all need to stay upbeat amidst all the political sparring.

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