11/14/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

NRSC Runs Anti-Franken Ad, Despite Coleman Pledge To Stay Positive

Just days after Norm Coleman took down his negative advertisements and pledged to run a 100 percent positive campaign, the Senator's allies are doing the dirty work on his behalf.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has put out a new ad hammering away at Coleman's opponent Al Franken, hitting his record on taxes, his economic plan, and even his personal finances.

"He would make things worse," the spot, titled "Frustrated," declares.

In addition, Franken aides tell the Huffington Post, the Chamber of Commerce is out with a new ad attacking their boss on economic matters as well.

The tone stands in sharp contrast to what Coleman declared to be his newfound objective just last Friday.

"I decided that I was not all that interested in returning to Washington for six years based on the judgment of voters that I was not as bad as the other two guys," the beleaguered Minnesota Republican told reporters. "I want folks to vote for me, not against the other guys."

Much of this is beyond Coleman's control. During his presser, he noted that his campaign was legally prohibited from coordinating with outside groups in regards to their expenditures or commercials. But, it should be noted, Coleman is aiming to take over the NRSC if he is reelected. And the Chamber of Commerce employs as a consultant Jeff Larson, a GOP insider who is part of Coleman's inner circle, helped arrange the Senator's sweet-deal apartment arrangement and serves as the treasurer of his political action committee.

Keep in mind, however, that during the Democratic primary, John Edwards was widely criticized because his former campaign manager Nick Baldick headed a 527 organization that ran ads against Barack Obama. It will be interesting to see whether Coleman is questioned on this front or pressured to publicly denounce the NRSC's new ad.