11/15/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cook County Sheriff Resuming Evictions


The Cook County Sheriff's office will resume mortgage foreclosure evictions Monday, October 20th. Sheriff Dart agreed to end his brief moratorium on evictions after a series of meetings with Cook County judges led to the addition of renter's safeguards to the eviction process.

"These changes provide the kinds of protections to which everyone is entitled and ensures all involved in the foreclosure process will receive the proper due process rights they deserve," Dart said in a statement. "We believe these steps, coupled with the changes in our office, will lead to a fairer and just eviction process and further protect those in need."

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UPDATE 10/16

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is expected to announce that his office will resume mortgage foreclosure evictions after a series of renter's safeguards were added to the eviction process, a source told Huffington Post Chicago.

Further details are expected at an afternoon news conference.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart moved closer to ending his moratorium on mortgage foreclosure evictions Tuesday after County judges began using an eviction document that better addresses Dart's concerns about renter's rights, the Sun-Times reports.

Cook County judges on Tuesday began using a new court document for foreclosure evictions that specifically names tenants living at the foreclosed property and states how long they are allowed to remain in units -- the length of their lease or 120 days, which ever is shorter -- before deputies haul out their belongings.

The new language in court eviction orders aims to quell Dart's concern that renters might not get proper notice their landlord had lost the property in foreclosure.

But Dart is not ready to end the eviction suspension.

"We're continuing to meet with the judge and state's attorneys, addressing logistical changes that will have to take place before the plan can be finalized," Dart spokesman Steve Patterson told the Sun-Times. "But we're confident things are moving in that direction."