11/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Concerns Over Election Accuracy

Three months ago, I first asked the DuPage County Election Commission if it would publicly explain to our many concerned readers, in a column or an open letter, the measures it is taking to overcome the numerous problems in our electronic voting system, like the fact that the tabulation software unpredictably drops votes - something the Diebold/Premier company admits.

It has also been proven that the machines contain security flaws so great that election officials must take extraordinary measures to prevent the election fraud that the machines seem to invite. So easy is it for even a single person to alter election results that experts in Ohio, Florida and Arizona have outlined strict measures that, if followed, would minimize but not eliminate the chance of fraud. All I asked the DCEC was: Are such measures being taken?

It has been suggested that their repeated refusal to respond in any way is an answer in itself. However, such behavior is not, I have been told, uncharacteristic of this body that is appointed by the County Board chairman and answerable to no other authority but his.

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