11/24/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NBC Preps "Project Runway" Clone

NBC is using its legal clout to delay "Project Runway" from moving over to Lifetime while it launches a copycat show on its Bravo network, TV insiders tell Page Six.

Our sources say the casting call for Bravo's "Fashion House" on Craigslist is remarkably similar to pitches made by "Project Runway," which was headed to Lifetime before a lawsuit put it in limbo.

It reads: "We're currently accepting applications from talented designers where the winner will win a large cash prize. Let Bravo serve as the launching pad to catapult your fashion career into high gear!"

One insider tells us: "It's a shameless copycat show. The way they are doing the casting, and the format of the show, is just like 'Project Runway.' It's a rip-off. In addition, Bravo has basically just taken the format created by 'Project Runway' to create shows with cooking and haircutting like 'Top Chef' and 'Sheer Genius.' "

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