12/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Cindy Adams At CNN Grill: Lou Dobbs' Diet, Wolf Blitzer's Dancing Lessons

ELECTION night Camp Obama was getting its updates from CNN. So I spent Election Night at Election Central. News chief Jon Klein carved a CNN Grill out of his opera tion's 10th-floor cafeteria. He did it in St. Paul for the Republican convention, did one for the Democrats in Denver, he now does this for every political hoo-ha. If two Boy Scouts run for sanitation chief in Salt Lake City, Klein will throw up a CNN Grill in the Mormon Tabernacle.

Stock exchange reporter Susan Lisovicz introduced herself with "I'm a friend of Andrea Peyser's at The Post." Andrea? Lover of that cat-killer guy? "What a way to warm up to me," I said . . . Anderson Cooper, on the air, waved then I checked the kitchenette outside the studio. Lou Dobbs. Cooking. Making himself decaf. "Note it's with skim milk and Sweet 'N Low," said the Big Star, stirring a Styrofoam cup. "I'm dieting."

John Roberts of the gorgeous silver hair and elegant look was prepping for his morning gig in jeans and sweatshirt. "I'm on Wednesday 3 a.m. until noon," he said. "I slept three hours today, 1 to 4. Fortunately, my office holds a couch. Suits, too."

Tidiest, neatest, calmest spot in the whole building? The Lou Dobbs set. No staffers circling. Nobody off-camera speaking. Senior p.r. director Edie Emery, acting as my zookeeper, told me to freeze. You were ordered in advance, "Cellphones off." Whispered Dobbs' senior producer Leslie Bella-Henry: "That's the way Lou wants it." Right. Thank God I haven't arthritis. If my bones squeaked, they'd have thrown me the hell out.

Sweet little backstage story. Wolf Blitzer's magazine editor daughter, Ilana, gets married Saturday. Wolf wanted to learn dance steps that went with some music that will be played. CNN contributor Roger Martin took him into the hallway and taught him the moves. This, while that other dancer Barack Obama was waltzing into immortality.

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