MSNBC Under Fire For New Obama-Like "The Power Of Change" Slogan

Watch MSNBC, a new commercial for the cable channel intones, and experience the power of change.

Is the channel, a subsidiary of NBC Universal, introducing a new slogan that calls to mind President-elect Barack Obama's campaign message? MSNBC says it is not. But the commercial, which began last week, stirred fresh complaints from the network's critics.

Presidents have the power to change lives, to change course, to change America, the ad's narrator says. Before the election, the ad quoted John F. Kennedy's famous ask not address. By Wednesday, it had been updated with a line from Mr. Obama's election-night speech: At this defining moment, change has come to America.

Remarking about MSNBC's perceived support of Mr. Obama, the libertarian radio host Neal Boortz asked on his blog Wednesday, Could it get any more obvious?

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