12/11/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Stress In America: How Where You Live Affects What Makes You Worry

It's no secret that Americans are stressed out. But even with everyone from Manhattan to Manhattan Beach pointing to stress as the cause of headaches, increasing waistlines and ruined relationships, not everyone experiences stress in the same way--especially from city to city.

The recently released 2008 Stress in America Survey from the American Psychological Association, which polled 1,791 U.S. adults along with 250 in each of eight major cities, concluded that--no shock here--Americans are a bunch of worriers. Thirty percent of participants reported chronic "extreme stress," with another 50% reporting regular stress levels in the moderate range.

But what's striking about Americans' stress is that there are, in some cases, major differences from city to city in what causes all the hair pulling. Citizens of Atlanta, for instance, are substantially more stressed about family relationships and personal safety than the rest of the country, while denizens of Dallas seem relatively impervious to the same concerns (they're more stressed over unrealistic job expectations).

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