Fox News Wins Election Week, #1 Network In All Of Cable

CNN may have won election night, but Fox News retained the most viewers, winning Election Week and taking the #1 spot in primetime among all cable networks for the week.

Fox News averaged 3.5 million viewers in primetime for the week, compared to CNN's 3.3 million (#2 in cable) and MSNBC's 2.2 million (#5 in cable). Fox News was also second only to Nickelodeon in total day viewers, averaging 1.7 million viewers to CNN's 1.6 million (#3 in cable) and MSNBC's 1.0 million (#9 in cable).

Perhaps most telling, especially as the election ratings bubble begins to pop, is the viewer retention statistics. According to Nielsen, Fox News retained 48% of its Election Day audience for the remainder of the week (Wednesday-Friday), while MSNBC retained 38% and CNN retained just 29% (though CNN's election viewership was highest to begin with).

CNN won Election Night with a primetime average of 12.3 million viewers to Fox News' 9.0 million and MSNBC's 5.9 million.