12/14/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Where Does Election Coverage Go After Holograms?

Hey, everyone! Remember how on Election Day, CNN made history by making its anchors talk to shimmery videos of Jessica Yellin and Will.I.Am and they called it "talking to holograms" even though it was a big lie and an epic fail that made Edward R. Murrow roll over in his grave, so he could better reach the cyanide tablet he was buried with, to ensure that he'd stay dead in the age of holograms? Boy, I do! And right away, I started wondering what on earth the brilliant Pioneers of the Newshole would do in 2012. Well, as it turns out, the good people from Landline TV -- who brought us those funny attack ad spoofs -- have allowed themselves to do some "imagineering" (this is an industry term that refers to "doing opium with Jon Klein at the 'CNN Grill'") on the matter and have conceived a way for one of CNN's rivals to top election holograms. Please to enjoy!