12/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama's Life With The Secret Service (SLIDESHOW)

President-elect Obama is still adjusting to life with the Secret Service and the loss of privacy that it entails. When Steve Croft spoke with him on Sunday's "60 Minutes," Obama said that "there are things we're still not adjusted not being able to take a walk. That's something that I'll never get used to is loss of anonymity. And this is not a complaint, this is part of what you sign up for, but being able to just wander around the neighborhood. I can't go to my old barbershop now. I've got to have my barber come to some undisclosed location to cut my hair. It's the small routines of life that keep you connected. Some of those are being lost."

Newsweek just did a piece on what it's like to live with the Secret Service in tow, and among other fun facts, was this charming anecdote:

Presidents and their families quickly learn that even trips to the bathroom come with security precautions. Lyndon Johnson, never very subtle, had perhaps the most direct way of expressing his frustration. Once, after pulling his car over to the side of the road for a pit stop, agents quickly surrounded him as he relieved himself. A sudden breeze prompted one agent to alert the president, "Sir, you're pissing on my leg." Johnson, not budging, replied, "I know. That's my prerogative."

Watch a clip of the Obama interview and see a slideshow of Obama's life with the Secret Service.

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