12/21/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Al Gore: Obama Election 'Redeems The Revolutionary Promise Of Our Declaration Of Independence'

Coming on this Sunday's edition of CNN's Fareed Zakaria: GPS, Former Vice President Al Gore shares his feelings on the election of Barack Obama with Zakaria, enthusing, "I can barely contain my excitement about his election, I just think it's a fabulous new development."

Gore also strikes an ecumenical note, stressing how important it was for the "international audience" to note how Americans of all stripes -- including Obama's political opponents -- were happy to celebrate the historic nature of the election:

I want them to know that right after the election, Republicans who had campaigned strongly against Barack Obama were interviewed everywhere right after the election saying, 'I'm so proud of my country.' You know, regardless of the differences over issues and politics, this was a watershed election that really...just everyone a feeling of great pride in our nation's ability to transcend our past and redeem the revolutionary promise of our Declaration of Independence that every human being is created equal. It's electrifying to redeem that declaration.