01/05/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 29, 2011

Green Gift Guides Abound: Deep Green, Light Green And In Between

Perhaps you have already had the chance to take a look at our green gift guide, but consider these other options, too. Happily, eco-friendly gift are sprouting up all over the place, as are in-depth analyses of exactly what to buy (or make) for each person on your list. Here is a break-down for some of the most key categories.

1. Green Gifts for Mom
For many, mom is the trickiest person to find gifts for. Not only does she tend to have a lot of stuff, generally speaking, but she can also be quite discerning and might no longer welcome another sculpey pinch-pot.

Treehugger features several fairly simple DIY kits and ideas in their green gift guide, which mom might dig. With the eco-me body kit, she can concoct her own bath products. If not, perhaps their green fashion selections - from vegan high heels to recycled plastic sunglasses will please her.

The Daily Green has rounded up eco-friendly ideas that will please anyone from a green skeptic to a dedicated conservationist. If your mom is at all green savvy, she might fancy this EcoSphere Pod, a miniature biosphere, encapsulating the fundamental workings of a sustainable ecosystem, complete with tiny Hawaiian shrimp sustained entirely by heat and light.

2. Dad
Not to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but the Daily Green's suggestions for gardening-enthusiasts and "the adventurer" might fit the bill for dad. The manual Brill Razor Reel Lawnmower, for example, is C02-, noise- and trouble- free. The Tumbling Garden Composter, which is nice and dark green, will turn kitchen scraps, leaves and grass clippings into a constant supply of rich compost for the yard.

Grist has compiled a slew of green gifts for sports fans and beer drinkers, such as tickets to the winter Olympics (which are not particularly green) and this brew your own beer kit (light green).

CNBC features light green crowd pleasers such as a Philips Eco TV, which has sensors to dim the glow from the screen when the lights in the room are off, uses less energy when its in standby mode and is packaged in 100% recycled materials, in their green gift guide When in doubt, throw in a couple of green stocking stuffers featured on White Apricot, such as a little potted herb plants or ergonomic bamboo salad servers.

3. Toys, Etc.
Kids are perhaps the most important people to give green gifts to. Not only are you setting the right example by going green with your gifts, but you are also protecting tots from potentially toxic chemicals and materials often found in conventional toys. Planet Green has deemed the Discover Rig the latest must-have eco-toy. Molded from Sprigwood, a combination of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic, it stores energy created as the car rolls. Other top picks include a Wooden Vegetable Set made from environmentally friendly rubberwood and non-toxic water-based paints, and Woodstock's handmade ukulele, which is handmade from sustainably sourced wood.

Treehugger has compiled several green gifts for the "wee hugger", from non-toxic beeswax modeling sheets in 12 bright colors (made from plant dye) to the adoption of a penguin from South America.

4. Gifts for Guys
Ecofabulous suggests some funky, though fairly light green, accessories for the men in your life like a messenger bag made from recycled tires and a reusable travel mug that boldly states: "I'm Organic." (Whatever that means...)

Inhabit proposes eco-gifts that are solidly medium-green, such as this extremely handy radio-flashlight that can be charged either by hand cranking or by its own solar panel.

Treehugger recommends buying solar powered holiday lights for your green gadget-lover, which is an evergreen idea because not only will they make your house twinkle, fossil-fuel free, but they can be used year after year. Green Upgrader presents lots of other green electronics and gadgets.

Sprig's suggestions, while fun, are quit a bit paler green. Gifts such as a flask decorated with recycled paper and a conventionally produced "skinny tie" might even been deemed yellow. Never fear to give your friends and family properly green gear! They will think you all the more considerate for considering the planet this season. Planet Green offers a few indispensible green guidelines should you choose to venture to the stores rather than order gifts online, and need a cheat sheet.

5. Ladies Might Like...
The Environmental Defense Fund has rounded up a slew of green gift suggestions. Girls might find their recommendation of recycled jewelry and glassware particularly charming. Or perhaps consider giving your favorite gourmand a sustainabiliy-themed cookbook. Big Green Purse suggests simply giving your friend time by looking after her kids one afternoon or weekend, or offering to weed their garden in the springtime. If your lady is more into glamour than gardening, perhaps these recycled and recyclable platform shoes featured on Plenty would please her.