01/08/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Four "Financial Horsewomen" Who Saw The Crisis Coming

Readers, stop sharpening your pitchforks for a moment because here, just in time for your year-end 401K reports to arrive, is a little story about four women who not so very long ago caused eyeballs to roll and brows to knit among the Wall Street and Washington Testosterone Teams, but who, if they had been listened to by the reigning Masters of the Universe, might have either prevented the economic Armageddon we are in ... or at least caught it in time to prevent some its more pernicious collateral damage.

Who are these women? Two accomplished regulators and two prescient financial industry employees who saw that the toxic brew of sub-prime mortgages, derivatives and lack of government oversight was bubbling up the greatest destruction of wealth in the history of the world. That they were ignored and in some cases ridiculed by the very perpetrators of this global White Shoe Financial Ponzi Scheme makes this a tediously familiar tale to many women who have worked in proximity of the polyglass ceiling, especially on Wall Street.

And here's the remarkable news: some of the Big Boyz who ignored these women? They're part of the new Obama financial team.

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