01/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Vote For Your Eco-Hero Of 2008: Obama, Friedman, Sebelius, Jones And More

Check out our nominees, and then vote in the poll below. And tell us who we missed in comments. (Also see our list of villains.)

Barack Obama
OK, it's obvious -- but that don't mean it ain't so. The community organizer made it to the White House on a platform of re-powering America. He's already committed to billions in green investment, assembled a team of veteran operators to coordinate environmental strategy, and promised "bold action." At this rate he's going to spike the giddy-meter before he even takes office.

Is there any cause this woman can't turn to gold? The supreme talkmistress turned her gaze to green issues this year, from an episode on California's landmark Prop. 2 animal-rights initiative to a three-week vegan stunt -- oops, we mean stint -- to her endorsement of swap parties as a way to lower the cost and impact of holiday gifts. Sure, she flew first-class on that 30 Rock episode -- but if she can do for the planet what she did for books, we'll get over it.

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