01/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

2009 Sign Brought To You By... Liza Minelli's Legs?

This New Year's Eve will have a very light, very slight green tinge to it: the gigantic "2009" sign in New York City will be powered by generators filled up with pedal power. Duracell set up several stationary bikes that tourists could ride, feeding the generators.

How many tourists in Times Square does it take to light up the "2009" sign on New Year's Eve?


That's how many people it took to generate enough electricity to light up the numerical display that will blaze after the clock strikes midnight and the ball drops over Times Square in Manhattan on Wednesday night.

But it's not just tourists. Evidently, Liza Minelli's legs are powering 2009, weird as that may sound:

Liza Minnelli did her part Tuesday to make Times Square glow this New Year's.

She pedaled one of Duracell's "snowmobikes" at Times Square Tuesday, generating power that will be used to light the iconic "Times Square 2009" sign as the ball drops at midnight.

"If you pedal this bike, you'll be part of lighting up Time Square - and I know what that's like," said Minnelli.