02/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Liev Schreiber: "I've Been Insanely Lucky"

On a recent chilly morning, Liev Schreiber was eating breakfast in a downtown Manhattan restaurant while a swarm of shutterbugs hovered outside on the corner near his apartment. ¶ However, Schreiber wasn't exactly the one whom the photographers were after. "It's her," he said, with a weary grin. ¶ He's referring to his partner, Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts, with whom he has one son, and at this point, another on the way (Watts gave birth to their second son two weeks after this interview). The paparazzi were hanging around for pictures of a pregnant Watts or maybe they could even catch her and Schreiber en route to the hospital. ¶ "Stupid," Schreiber said, again smiling wryly. Schreiber was talking about the photographers, with whom he has tussled in the past (you can catch one melee on TMZ.com). "Some of them hunt you like prey," he said. "And when people treat you like that, you start acting like it." ¶ And yet, Schreiber added that he may owe a paparazzo or two an apology for how he has reacted to them in the past. Such an admission may be surprising at first, but there's something very gentlemanly and old-school about the 41-year-old actor. Sporting a short beard and a tweed cap, slightly askew on his head, Schreiber completed the picture of a hard-working thespian from another era -- and it didn't take much to see why he was cast in his current role, as a Holocaust-surviving Jew fighting Nazis during World War II.

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