09/11/2009 06:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

114-Year-Old Gertrude Baines Becomes World's Oldest Person, Voted For Obama In November (VIDEO)

With the death of 115-year-old Maria de Jesus on Friday, 114-year-old American Gertrude Baines has become the world's oldest person.

Ms. Baines voted for Barack Obama in November, saying "the Republicans want everything for themselves." When asked why she was voting for Obama, whose name she struggled to pronounce, Ms. Baines said "'cause he's for the colored people." When someone else asked if she'd ever imagined a black man as president she said "I sure didn't."

"So I'm glad I'm here. I don't care if I live a hundred more," she said, laughing. "I ain't done nothing but eating and sleeping."

She also decided to remove a photograph of George and Laura Bush from her wall.