02/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kate Hudson On Her Desire To "Smack" Paparazzi, Not Playing A Hooker

Kate Hudson graces the February 2009 cover of Elle Magazine, and she talks about her ire for the paparazzi and choosing darker roles. She stars in "Bride Wars" with Anne Hathaway, out January 9.

On the paparazzi:

"They've become an entity to themselves... But eventually they'll implode. They're creating a house of cards that will inevitably fall. These are not nice people. When you're taking your child to school, and they're trying to get on school property to get a picture, it literally makes you want to just smack them."

On her acting range:

"I could be in an interview and people would keep going, 'So why do you always do romantic comedies?' Do I want to do darker roles? Of course. It has to be the right thing, though. I'm not just going to, like, make a movie that's, Oh, she's a whore, prostitute, and heroin addict."

The article also talks to Jennifer Meyer, wife of Tobey Maguire and childhood classmate of Hudson. Jennifer remembers Kate getting sent home for wearing her skirts too short in high school.