02/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jeb Bush To GOP: Don't Attack Obama

In an interview with the LA Times, President Bush's brother Jeb explained why he isn't running for Senate and asked Republicans to go easy on the new president:

Still, the former governor said he would continue to advocate for conservative ideas, and he offered a bit of advice to fellow Republicans: Don't target the new president with the same kind of partisan attacks that he said Democrats had hurled unfairly at his brother -- attacks that he summed up as "Bush-hating."

"The opposition should be about ideas, and not what my brother suffered through in the last eight years," he said. "I don't wish that on President Obama."

Bush said he had been impressed so far with Obama's appointments and called the president-elect someone who is "smart, disciplined, not rash."

On Sunday, former President H. W. Bush said that he hoped Jeb would run for Senate in Florida and one day, for president. The younger Bush son announced on Tuesday that he would not run. He said his decision wasn't based on politics, but on his "personal journey."