02/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Most Entertaining Clip Of The Congressional Swearing-In: The Matching McCaul Family (VIDEO)

While C-Span's hours-long congressional swearing-in session may not seem like the most entertaining show on television (mostly shots of Nancy Pelosi flitting around, shaking hands and hugging people), this clip is a real gem.

Michael McCaul, the Republican representing the 10th district of Texas, attended with his wife and five children. For some reason--2009 Christmas card, perhaps?-- they're color-coordinated and pose for about a dozen pictures. But as the photo shoot wears on, the kids do exactly what children and teenagers do when they've reached the end of their rope: alternately cross their arms, swat each other, rub their eyes, declare their boredom, get scolded by their parents and, finally, attempt to disrobe.

But perhaps the best part comes from their mother Linda's commentary: at one point she asks the photographer "Do we all look fat?" Seemingly assured that they do not, she asks one of her triplets "Avery, can you smile? No! Don't say you're, don't pick your nose!"


This clip reminded us of an old classic: Rudy Giuliani's inauguration as mayor of New York as son Andrew hammed it up by his side.