02/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ana Marie Cox To Air America

Ana Marie Cox, who founded Wonkette -- a well-known political blog where politics was finally forced to have sex with the internet -- and who has recently been seen contributing words to The Daily Beast and insight to The Rachel Maddow Show, has landed a job at Air America Radio, making her officially a survivor of and participant in what Tina Brown calls "the Gig Economy," in which everyone in America is a member of Pavement, circa 1991. Cox will serve as Air America's "D.C.-Based Correspondent" and will contribute "political stories from both outside and inside the Beltway."

Reached for a "pithy and exclusive" comment, Cox told me that she plans to take her contributions far afield. She intends to visit, among other places, George W. Bush's new Dallas neighborhood, as well as Barack Obama's former Hyde Park haunts. "When midterms get rolling, I will drop in on interesting races," she says, adding portentously, "I cannot wait to embed with the Terry McAuliffe campaign."