02/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fake Steve Jobs Battles CNBC's Jim Goldman (VIDEO)

Newsweek tech columnist Dan Lyons, widely known as "Fake Steve Jobs," appeared on CNBC Wednesday night to discuss Steve Jobs' health news and ripped apart CNBC Silicon Valley bureau chief Jim Goldman.

Goldman, who has been lampooned by the tech blog circuit following his reports over the last several weeks that Jobs' health was not in jeopardy, asserted Wednesday that he was not duped by his sources.

"You ever have a girlfriend who cheats on you, but she doesn't tell you right away, and she sort of tells you, 'Well, I work late'? And then, 'Well I did go to dinner with this guy, and well we did kind of make out in the car'?" Lyons asked. "I think it's like that."

Lyons then accused Goldman of sucking up for access to the company.

"There are two kinds of reporters who cover Apple," he said. "The kind who realize they're getting snowed and they're getting bullied and they're getting blocked out, and realize that a lot of what they're being told is not true. And the other kind who suck up to get access and end up getting played and punked, like your Valley bureau chief has been played and punked by should apoloize to your viewers for having gotten it so wrong."

A cable-news-style shoutfest then found its way to CNBC:

Silicon Alley Insider's Dan Frommer reports that Lyons has been banned for life from appearing on CNBC again. CNBC says there is "no truth whatsoever" to this claim.

Correction: An earlier headline incorrectly stated that Lyons battled CNBC's Kevin Goldman. The CNBC Silicon Valley bureau chief is named Jim Goldman. Kevin Goldman is CNBC's Vice President of Media Relations.