02/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ruth Madoff: What Did Bernie's Wife Know?

To friends, they were "Bernie-and-Ruth" or "Ruth-and-Bernie," a pair so inseparable that you wouldn't mention one without the other. After nearly 50 years of marriage, they worked in the same Midtown Manhattan office, they traveled together, and they dined together night after night, just the two of them.

"They came once or twice a week, for about 22 years, and for the last five I could count on one hand the number of times they came with another couple," says Giuliano Zuliani, owner of Primola, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan. "They always wanted a quiet table in the back, just the two of them."

But little about the love story of Ruth and Bernard Madoff looks enviable today.

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