02/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Share Your Inauguration Day Plans And Photographs

On Wednesday, we asked readers to share their Inaugural Day plan. Responses continue to pour in. Some of you have expressed regret that you will be too busy to watch the event, many of you will celebrate with your community, and quite a few people have admitted that they expect to bawl through the entire address.

Katie McGee, in St. Paul, worked for the Obama campaign for nearly two years and says she is "planning on going to the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis where the proprietor has opened the vintage theatre to the public to view the inauguration on the big screen for free."

Carol, from New York, will be making the trip to Washington on Tuesday. "Long bus ride but well worth the opportunity to witness history & begin the new journey," she writes.

From San Luis Obispo, California, Kim Ryherd says, "I expect a joyous celebration around the world as we start over! We are the change we've been waiting for!"

If you are organizing a community event, traveling to Washington, or commemorating the day in your own unique way, share you plans with us by clicking here.

We are also looking for photojournalists. Take pictures of your local watch party or community ball and send them as attachments to photos@huffingtonpost.com. Write your caption in the subject line and attach the photos in jpeg format.

Captions should include as much information about the image as possible. Please include where the photograph was taken, when it was taken and who (or what) is in the photo.

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