02/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

HuffPost's Pre-Inaugural Ball Makes Headlines (VIDEO)

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Last night, The Huffington Post's pre-inaugural ball was the hot ticket for the evening (as seen in photos from the red carpet and the event itself) and ended up making headlines at other media outlets as well as on the site.

MTV covered the event , which was "make that can't-move-without-spilling-your-drink, can't-talk-without-shouting, sardines-in-a-tin-can packed," in their words. The Politico's Michael Calderone managed to get a few choice quotes out of Ben Affleck at the party when the actor slammed the TARP, Henry Paulson and Newsweek.

Entertainment Tonight covered the star-studded event, catching Teri Hatcher on the red carpet. The DC Examiner took a different angle, covering Val Kilmer's amusing liveblogs:

The live blogging of other celebs was displayed on big screens. Like Val Kilmer, who offered wisdom such as "I am so proud." He also pointed out that when he's in Paris, he gets asked about playing Jim Morrison more than any other role, but when he's pulled over by the police, they want to talk to him about his role in "Heat."

The Washington Post's Sleuth, Mary Ann Akers, devoted an entire column to the event, chronicling her celebrity encounters.

[Dustin] Hoffman seemed in awe that we were reporting on the party from the palm of our hand (the Sleuth live tweeted last night's event from her Blackberry). He said he didn't know what Twitter was. (And why would he?)


Hoffman said he knew the word twitter, but it used to mean "what you feel when a girl likes you." He touched his stomach and said, "You get a little twitter."

Even Gawker named the event the "big party" of the evening, and posted variety of Twitter posts from the event.

And finally the Associated Press has filed this video report of the event.