02/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Turbo Tax Blamed For Geithner's Tax Payment Fail

It looks as though the makers of Turbo Tax will have to rush out a "Geithner-proof" edition of their tax-pay software between now and April 15, 2009. MSNBC's First Read has the details of how the company got caught up in the extant concerns over the Treasury nominee's tax problems:

Under questioning from Senate Finance Committee Republican member Chuck Grassley, Geithner was very reluctant to disclose which tax filing software he used. He quickly suggested the software wasn't the problem; he was.

But Grassley pushed back, again asking what software he used. Geithner said, "Turbo Tax." Grassley then asked if Turbo Tax has brought it to his attention that Geithner needed to pay more taxes. Geithner said, "No."

Today is the first day Geithner has publicly discussed the taxes issue. Last week, he explained himself before members of the committee in a closed session and followed up with phones calls to some Republicans on the panel.

Don't worry, though, because the overall outlook is that Geithner's just too much of an indisputable genius in every other field of human endeavor to be without during this "new era of responsibility" (some restrictions apply, void where prohibited, supplies are limited).

It's a sad day for Turbo Tax, which is one of those programs my parents have long insisted I use to manage my own taxes. I have fortunately, always managed to do without the software program, using nothing but "elbow grease" and "bootstraps" and "number two pencils" and the fact that I do not make nearly as much scrilla as Tim Geithner.