03/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

SNL: Jolie, Blago, David Paterson, Steve Martin & More (VIDEO)

Steve Martin hosted this week's SNL which featured skits on Governor Blagojevich, Angelina Jolie, Bernie Madoff and more. Martin also did a song on the banjo, as he is releasing an album, "The Crow," in addition to "Pink Panther 2."

The cold open was Fred Armisen's President Obama from the Oval Office pining for the days of the campaign. Watch that here.

During Weekend Update, Blago (Jason Sudeikis) read some poetry he wrote: Angelina Jolie (Amy Elliott) was on the prowl for babies: New York Governor David Paterson made another Weekend Update appearance to talk about Kirsten Gillibrand. The last time Armisen did Paterson, advocates for the blind were not happy.: Bernie Madoff (Armisen again) threw a Super Bowl party, and tried inviting some friends he ripped off: Martin performed the song "Late for School":