Chris Wallace: My Grandson Is "Completely Obsessed" With Obama

Fox News' Chris Wallace spoke to Politico about his interview with President Obama Tuesday. Wallace, who Obama said on-air has "always been gracious" towards him, told Politico that he instructed the President to have more "energy" in their interview, not "emotion" as reported by one media blog.

Wallace also told Obama that his three-year-old grandson, William, is a huge fan of the President's so much so that he won't go to sleep unless he's told Obama is asleep:

Meanwhile, before air, Wallace also told Obama a story of his 3-year-old grandson, William and of course whipped out a photo for the President. His grandson apparently, is a huge Obama supporter. "He's been watching with his mom and has become completely obsessed," Wallace tells us, "so much so he refuses to go to bed. And the only way that his mother could get him to sleep is, he'll say 'Is Obama asleep?' And his mother will say 'yes' and he'll respond with "OK then I'll go to sleep.'" This is at 8:15p.m., by the way. Obama loved this story and 20 minutes later, after the interview ended he said "Be sure to say to William for me.'"

Wallace also had high praise for thew new President.

"The thing that struck me the most was how easily and how comfortably he wears the mantle of the Presidency," he said. "He seems completely at ease with the job and the trappings and the responsibilities and seemed completely serene - and it was a tough day yesterday."