50 Cents' "Diss Video" For Foxy Brown (NSFW)

We didn't even know there was a 50 Cent/Foxy Brown feud, but now that Fiddy has taken to the Web to respond to Foxy's threat that she "is giving that n***a 24 hour[s] to retract that statement or she's going handle [him] Brooklyn Style," we are intrigued. Brown is upset with Fiddy for a comment he made on an album about Brown and her ex-lover.

Fiddy responded with the video below. Here is a rough transcript:

"Motherf*ckers are out there talking about me behind my back, man. He said the motherf*cker down South calling me Curly. Can you believe this sh*t after all I did for these motherf*ckers...Officer motherf*cking Ricky, when I catch you, I'mma cut you n*gga...motherf*cking b*tch Foxy Brown gonna tell me I got 24 hours to retract the statement, that h*e done lost her motherf*ckin' mind. She don't know that this is pimpin' pimpin'."