HINDU TALIBAN: Anti-Valentine's Day Protests In India Get A Frilly Response

The Indian Consortium of Pub-Going, Loose and Forward Women is fighting back against right-wing extremist group Sri Ram Sena, often called the Hindu Taliban.

According to BBC News, the Consortium was started on Facebook last week and plans to send the extremist group hundreds of pairs of pink underwear on Valentine's Day in response to the group's violent bar attacks on women last month.

Ms Susan said the group expected to collect at least 500 pieces of pink underwear from all over the country and send them to Mr Mutalik's office in the southern city of Hubli.

"It's a choice between ignoring a group like Ram Sena or responding to its activities. We have decided to give it attention, but it is attention which it will not like," she said., the website of an Indian television station, explains that Sri Ram Sena attempts to be the moral police of India by lashing out against activities it views as unacceptable, such as women drinking in pubs or couples celebrating Valentine's Day.

Pramod Muthalik is the man who laid the foundation of the right-wing Hindu group called the Sri Ram Sena.

"Whoever has done this has done a good job. Girls going to pubs is not acceptable. So, whatever the Sena members did was right. You are highlighting this small incident to malign the BJP government in the state," said Pramod.

Sri Ram Sena has vowed to protest against Valentine's Day this Saturday, BBC reported.