03/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Off-Grid Luxury: Hot Tubs, Blended Drinks And Computers

Going off-grid doesn't have to mean giving up luxuries like hot tubs, blended drinks, flat-screen televisions or electric razors. In fact, as proven by these 15 awesome (and sometimes a little weird) off-grid gadgets, clothing, homes, skyscrapers and even entire islands powered by solar, wind, wood and human movement, living the unplugged life can be relaxing, fashionable and cutting edge.

While it may look suspiciously like a storybook witch's cauldron, the Dutch Tub is a portable hot tub that runs entirely on wood. Some may question the greenness of any hot tub, regardless of how it's heated, but off-gridders who are determined not to give up life's little luxuries will appreciate the ability to lounge and soak, without consuming fossil fuels.

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