03/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Blumenthal, Ziegler Excite CPAC With Animated Discussion [UPDATED With NEWER Video]

[Via Wonkette.] OH NOES. It appears that the fragile calm of this week's CPAC was shattered this afternoon when Sarah Palin Media Gripe Video Maker John Ziegler and Daily Beast-writer/Guy In Politics With "Blumenthal" As His Surname Max Blumenthal ended up in the lobby at the Omni Shoreham having...uhm, a slightly contentious discussion, or something! Wonkette calls it a 'fight" but it's sadly short on fisticuffs, and more reminiscent of the sort of nerd-warring that goes on at Sci-Fi Camp. I mean, these two may as well be fighting over whether Earth is a resurrection hub or whatever, because you can't make out a word of their argument, save for a brief moment when Ziegler bleats "Zeeerrrroo! Zeeerrrroo!" Then Blumenthal starts doing some hand-jive, and really, there's a ZOO RIGHT DOWN THE STREET WITH MORE INTERESTING THINGS TO LOOK AT.



Glory be! Now Blumenthal has posted his own, slightly more comprehensible video of this Omni Shoreham tilt-a-whirl. This is getting to be like Rashomon, or Boomtown!. You remember Boomtown, right? Graham Yost show? NBC? Starred Donnie Wahlberg and that Neal guy with the icy blue eyes? Am I the only one who remembers that show? Anyway, now we just need John Zeigler to post his own video and we'll have a complete set!