Colbert Takes Glenn Beck's End Times Scenarios To The 'Doom Bunker' (VIDEO)

If the Daily Show wasn't locking down their Peabody Award for the year last night, surely someone out there is getting ready to honor Stephen Colbert for his pants-wettingly hysterical parody of the Glenn Beck Show, which aired a half-hour later. From Beck's new perch at Fox News, he's been allowed to air some pretty INSANE things. Honestly, it's a great gig if you can get it, and my hat's off to Beck for really doubling down on the lunatic content. Life's short! Go hard and go crazy and go ahead with strange crackpotty segments like the "GLENN BECK WAR ROOM" where you "game out" a bunch of doomy scenarios with the Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore and the spooky Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute.

If anything, Colbert demonstrated that Beck has only begun to maximize the potential of these periodic ruminations of the apocalypse. Joined by Moore and Colonel Jack Jacobs, Colbert laid out the Next Level of Fear. Soybean currency! Koalapox! Werewolf Congresses! A Kansas-Mexico Axis! DECEPTICONS WILDING OUT IN THE STREET. And fog, FOG, FOG!!

Swear to you, I had to watch this twice to experience all of the truthiness.