04/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

LISA RENEE DAVIS: All About Missing Model (PHOTOS)

Lisa Renee Davis, a model from Memphis Tennessee, went missing from her home in circumstances deemed "suspicious."

Late Tuesday a local suicide was tied to Lisa Renee's disappearance. A man killed himself as the police showed up to his parents' house.

Bartlett police were working on a tip when they went to the home. They were met by the man's mother and when she went to get him, they heard a gunshot.

It's unclear what connection the man has to the missing young model at this time.

Sources close to the investigation told FOX13 that the man left a note which said Davis' body could be found near the wooded Palomino Drive home. However, officials would not say whether they believed Davis was dead or alive.

According to a local report on Lisa Renee Davis:

Lisa Renee Davis' co-workers at a local Harley Davidson contacted police Sunday when she did not show up to work. Police arrived at Lisa's home around 3pm and found signs of forced entry and blood around the front door. Lisa's keys and purse were found inside. Lisa shared the home with her former fiance, a Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy. As of now, her ex-fiance is not being considered a person of interest.

Police dogs were used to search nearby woods. She was last seen the night before at a bar.

Despite only being 5'2, Davis has appeared in calendars and magazines as a model.