04/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Varun Gandhi, Indira's Grandson, Faces Criminal Charges For Anti-Muslim Remarks (VIDEO)

Video footage has emerged of conservative BJP candidate Varun Gandhi delivering incendiary anti-Muslim remarks from the stump. The footage has spurred India's election committee to request Gandhi's election state, Uttar Pradesh, to file charges against him, the Telegraph reports.


Gandhi's remarks are being condemned by rivals and fellow BJP party members alike, causing the candidate to deny the authenticity of the footage. From the Times of India:

"I strongly refute the charge of making any communal or divisive statements as part of my election campaign. In this climate of terrorism, I have spoken only about standing firm against anti-national and anti-social forces that threaten this nation," Varun Gandhi said in a statement issued on Tuesday evening.


He said, "There are two speeches that have been attacked and these are two weeks old. None of what I have actually said was either intended or taken to be communal, which is testified to by the fact that in this intervening period there has been no communal tension or untoward incident in the district."