CNN Caller Says AIG Execs Should Be Shot (VIDEO)

So, I'll be the first to admit, when I was musing on what's to become of the AIG's bonus babies, I indulged in a little "extreme clawback" fantasia, tweeting, "WIRE FANS: Obviously, in a perfect world, we'd be siccing Omar on AIG." And we've all heard Senator Charles Grassley invoke the tradition of seppuku. But, look, one of the things that's come out of today's testimony is that some of the people involved over at AIG have received death threats, and that some of these threats may have extended to these executives wives and kids.

Not cool, no matter what the circumstance, so I feel bad about joking about Omar. That said, even I'm a little mystified that CNN aired this:

CALLER: Hey, Rick, it's your buddy Angry Bob in New York. Those AIG bums, hey, I've got to tell you something. Did you hear what they did to the melamine guys in China that spiked the milk with poison? Up against the wall. So I think we should get all the AIG guys bonuses in the form of full metal jackets. Enough of these guys. We've got to tear them apart. America first, and rich and obnoxious people second.

Okay. Let's everybody just chill for a second.

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