Americans React To Bill O'Reilly's Audiobook (VIDEO)

Last week, "The Village Voice" had the good sense to go through the audio version of Bill O'Reilly's 1998 novel "Those Who Trespass." It's about a TV journalist who is trained by an IRA guy to kill his enemies (wait, not the British?). According to the "Voice," "His victims includes a powerful 'bitch' named Hillary and a fat 'slob' named Martin Moore." Hmmm, wonder where he got those characters from.

Anyway, the audio version of the book offers O'Reilly saying things like, "Say baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe up," which gave Jimmy Kimmel an idea. He would take to the streets and let Americans react to Bill O'Reilly reading these segments of his book. It did not go well...actually for a couple people it did.