04/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Socialism, Facism, Communism: Obama Attacked With Wave Of "Isms" (VIDEO)

Media Matters has documented the way various media figures and partisan critics, confronted by the White House's attempts to do the things they were voted into office to do, have resorted to breaking out all of the meanest and most spectacularly melodramatic "-isms" they can muster. Like FASCISM and SOCIALISM and COLLECTIVISM! And they even facilitate moronic combinations of "-isms" that don't make any sense, like "Communist McCarthyists." I think that people could get a lot more creative, frankly. Why not drop an old-school "Bolshevism" into the mix? Or throw in a "racism?" Behind closed doors, I know a lot of Obama's opponents accuse him of autotheism. So why not go ROGUE with this stuff, and accuse Obama of siderism, or resistentialism! Don't you think that Geithner's bailout plan shows a naive sense of meliorism? Or am I just indulging in too much fatalism?

Anyway, as with most of the people gravely intoning about Obama in this video, the operative "-ism" is, as always, solipsism.


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