Olbermann Mocks CNN's Ed Henry Over Obama Smackdown (VIDEO)

So, in case you missed it, CNN's Ed Henry showed up at this week's Obama press conference, having received some drunken advice from Wolf Blitzer at the Gridiron dinner that boiled down to, "Ask him three questions at once, about how dreamy Andrew Cuomo is, and why he won't get mad! Doesn't he love his daughters?" And Ed Henry attempted this, and was humbled, utterly, by a withering response from the president. So Ed Henry wrote an article for CNN that attempted to "rewrite the narrative" and "win the Ed Henry newscycle" with a long and addled alternate account of the incident, in which he was the hero and defeated the president like David Frost won the love of the cheerleader. I have already optioned Ed Henry's article for a movie I'm working on, tentatively titled Untitled Zac Efron J-School Sex Comedy.

Anyway, here's a video of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Eugene Robinson, dumping all over poor old Ed.

OLBERMANN: So, Mr. Henry has a rather sanguine view of himself! is it shared by anybody, did he win that battle of wits and we didn't notice?

ROBINSON: You know I just don't think you are going to see that analysis being picked up very widely. I mean, look, it's like guarding Kobe Bryant. He comes down and does a reverse 360 windmill tomahawk jam in your face, the ball actually hits you in the face on the way down, and then picking yourself up off the court and acknowledging the cheers of the crowd. I mean, dude, you just got owned. Dude, the guy just made you his companion.

Anyway, I wouldn't talk so big, NBCers. It's not like your guy exactly distinguished himself, with this awesome question.


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