04/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Amazing Trailer For Terrible Movie (VIDEO)

Usually this level of acting talent and production quality is reserved for porn films, but this movie is the opposite of that. "Praise Band" is a super-Christian film that has absorbed the teachings of "Footloose" and that genre of fogey vs. young person film and created a preposterous yet obvious story about a young Evangelical rebel wanting to spread his word through song. Of course this infuriates the Church elders, who want to worship in traditional ways. According to Lamon Records, the music wing of the production company that released the film begs this question:

"Can Matt, along with band mates Mark Lewis, Luke Daniels and John Collins change the minds of this dwindling flock before it is too late? Praise Band - on Wednesday night they're average, but on Sunday morning they're praising God!"

Do these people count as rebels if they stand for everything the prior generation stood for, but with slightly longer hair?


(via Videogum)