04/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

G-20 Protest Photos (SLIDESHOW)

Photojournalism by Vicki Coe, Paula Goes, Steve Punter, Reynaldo Trombetta, and John Wood.

An estimated 35,000 protesters marched outside Westminster Palace Saturday to demand jobs, economic justice, and environmental accountability be discussed during the G-20 summit that begins this week.

The "Put People First" march culminated in Hyde Park for a rally that lasted through the afternoon. Saturday's events kicked off six days of protest.

The slide show below contains photographs submitted by HuffPost readers who attended Saturday's event. If you will be attending any G-20 rallies during the rest of this week, send your pictures to

Make sure to include your full name (so we can credit your work), where you are from, and a caption describing the context and location of each photograph.

London's Put People First March
London's Put People First March

If you are a citizen journalist looking for more information on the protests and events, check out Demotix. The HuffPost will be partnering with Demotix to cover the summit.

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