05/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Scritti Politti: April 3, 2009

It's Friday, and I'm feeling generous and mercurial, so here's a fun and shameless plug! Los Angelenos in the house? This Saturday, enjoy the dynamic visual art of Kelly Towles, a Washington D.C. street art "wunderkind." Towles was instrumental in helping to bring the Shepard Fairey/Manifest Hope show to Washington, D.C. during Inauguration weekend. Now, he's taking his own dynamic visuals on the road in a show called Sneak Thief: The Art of Kelly Towles. This Saturday, from 7-11pm at Pool Warehouse at 2900 Rowena Avenue. Facebook it here.

And in D.C. next week don't miss the Ten Miles Square new photography exhibit, I'm With The Band, featuring the photos of Nestor Diaz, Kyle Gustafson, and Martin Locraft. It's April 9, from 6-9pm at Dahlak, 1771 U Street, NW. Facebook that here!

Culture, to enjoy, why not?

The Sporting Life Of Our Modern Day Torture Enthusiasts: Vanity Fair went looking for a topic, any topic, to discuss with a John Yoo who was "desperate to discuss anything but being a war criminal." So, they talked about Yoo's affection for squash! Hey, John Yoo! These squash courts at the La Manga club in scenic Spain sound like a beautful place to play! Why not take a trip to Spain and get your squash on? Better yet, why don't you get roofied, bound, blindfolded, and shipped to these squash courts, unexpectedly?

Keeping Them Honest: I love the thinking behind Wrong Tomorrow, which pits the predictions of pundits against the slow and pitiless march of time. Upload your own, and keep track of who gets it wrong.

Oh, Dear: The Drudge Report suffers this week's most major contextual web advertising fail.

How To Dismantle The Unitary Executive, A Regrettably Ongoing Series: President Obama may be full of regrets over the way the White House demands a temporary loss of "privacy and anonymity," but I still don't see any fracking reason why he's got to take it out on the rest of us.

In Our Prayers...: Send some kind thoughts this weekend to CBS White House correspondent Chip Reid, whose father passed away this week. FishbowlDC has news of the memorial arrangements.

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