05/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated 5 days ago

Biden Economic Adviser Says Green Jobs Could Help Unemployed, Underemployed (VIDEO)

The Middle Class Task Force, headed up by Vice President Joe Biden, has already had a lot of emphasis on green jobs, and Biden's chief economist isn't letting up. He said in an interview that green jobs should be able to help the nation's unemployed and underemployed.

"Spotlight On Poverty And Opportunity" presents a webcast on the White House Middle Class Task Force Working Families. The featured guest is Jared Bernstein who heads the task force and is the Chief Economist and Economic Advisor to the Vice President. He is interviewed by "Spotlight's" Mary Jo Walsh, former anchor at the ABC affiliate in Washington, DC.

Salient green job talk:

Full talk:

"Spotlight" Webcast of Jared Bernstein from Spotlight on Vimeo.