05/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

7 Zero-Waste Spring Cleaning Tips

# Take-Back Programs
Many services provide ways to trade in old cell phones and miscellaneous electronics so you can avoid contributing to e-waste. Radio Shack for instance offers a program where you can bring in used mobile phones, MP3 players, gaming systems, GPS receivers, and digital cameras and after appraisal, they'll give you a RadioShack gift card in return. I'm psyched to turn in my old cell phones for an iTunes gift card!

# Yard Sales
In urban Park Slope, Brooklyn, stoop sales are all the rage. You round up all the stuff you don't want, pick a nice, sunny weekend, and put it out on your front stoop for display. I love to make it fun by coordinating with a friend so we can swap stories about our stuff over beer, meet neighbors and people watch. Surburban-dwellers can of course do the equivalent yard/tag/garage sale.

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