05/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Glenn Beck At The Alamo: Sort Of A Letdown (VIDEO)

For me, this entire day was leading to whatever on earth Fox News' own Glenn Beck was going to do at the Alamo. I mean, think about his recent highlights! Gaming out the End of America in his Doom Room! Pretending to cry about how much he loved his country! Making fun of the infirm! Pouring gasoline on people! Making his guests faint dead away on the air! I mean, we were supposed to be building to something amazing, like maybe conquering Mexico or something?

I'm telling all-a y'all, I was ready to get straight up MINDFREAKED this afternoon. I wanted nothing more than a chance to dip my BRAIN TORTILLA in Glenn's NUTLOG SALSA. But now that his show is over, I feel sort of let down, actually! The show basically boiled down to Beck making a John Birch Society Mumblecore movie with Ted Nugent and Janine Turner, with brief interludes from some guy who shot some robbers and Ayn Rand book reviews with Penn Jillette, a famous magician. Ted Nugent totally laid down the gauntlet with a hyper-indulgent, pyrotechnic version of the Star-Spangled Banner, after which I was sure Beck, who was surely not going to be outdone on his own show, was going to start swinging wildly for the fences. But nothing. Just a restive crowd and a lot of aimless conversation.

Anyway, here's an adorable moment, where Glenn and Ted totally hit on each other.


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