05/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Washington Life 's "The Young & The Guest List" Party Celebrates DC's Most Powerful People Under 40

Washington Life Magazine held its annual The Young & The Guest List party, bringing together 250 of the most influential Washingtonians under 40 on Thursday April 16th. The buzz around this year's list is greater than ever, due in part to the sheer number of new gatekeepers in Washington, especially at the White House and on the Hill. Indeed, of the 250 people listed on the 2009 Y&GL, 39 are public servants; members of Congress, Hill staffers, White House staff, ambassadors, and appointees. And they are all under 40. See the entire "Young & The Guest List" here.

Photos by Elizabeth Spruill Clarke


The event location - the 10th floor of the new Capitol Plaza office building in the up and coming NOMA area of Northeast DC - marked a dramatic change from the last three years, where the event was held in Georgetown.

"D.C. has changed a lot in the past year, and the Y&GL has changed with it," said Washington Life magazine executive editor Michael Clements. "Not only has the Obama administration and the Democratic majority infused the city with new power players, but influential, non-political, power centers are burgeoning as well. The days of Washington being a city defined solely by politics, embassy row, and Georgetown society are waning. The city's thriving creative economy, its real estate community, sports and entertainment figures, filmmakers, media players, restaurateurs, NGO leaders, tech entrepreneurs, bloggers, legal professionals, interior designers, retail and fashion mavens, DJs, venture capitalists and angel investors, hipsters, philanthropic super stars, and financial thinkers - in addition to increasingly influential African-American, Latino, LGBT, and Asian communities - have created a complex quilt of influence."

Guests include Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Yousef Al Otaiba, Caron Butler, Philippe Cousteau, Luke Russert, Charles Percy Rockefeller, Jamal Simmons, Brian Zimmerman, McPharlin Longyear Broderick, Amy Holmes and White House staff Yosi Sergent and David Washington.