05/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert Sings For America: "Blown Away By The USA" "Stunned By The States" (VIDEO)

Republican senator Orrin Hatch just released a patriotic album "Amazed by America," and Stephen Colbert is pissed, pissed I tell you. This is just another example of a right-winger biting on Colbert's originality, which you would know had you purchased Stephen's "Blown Away by the USA" or "Stunned by the States."

Now, granted, this is not Hatch's first foray into the music world: In 1988 Frank Zappa released a song entitled "Orrin Hatch On Skiis," and in 2004, Hatch gave us the gift of a Christmas album that is now only available second-hand on Amazon. His most recent album is headlined by musician Steve Amerson, but Hatch provides the silky smooth vocals for a few of the songs including "Pure White Stones" and "4th of July Parade." We are increasingly curious as to what "Pure White Stones" is about.

Never to be one-upped, Colbert not only showed the audience his albums last night but gave them a taste of his vocal stylings.


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