05/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Broadcasting Good News: Co-Workers Donate Paid Time Off To Pregnant Nurse (VIDEO)

Need some good news? NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams now does a segment called "Making A Difference" that shares stories from viewers of "random or regular acts of kindness" that offer you just that.

As MSNBC's site states:

"Making a Difference" stories usually air every Friday on NBC Nightly News. The series was conceived in response to viewers who complain that the broadcast features only "bad" news

Watch this episode titled "Pinching Pennies on Behalf of a Pal", wherein generous co-workers donated 96 hours of their own paid time off to a pregnant friend:


Difficult times have been known to bring communities together as people lean on one another for support. In this recession, there's no shortage of communities around the country that have rallied around a struggling neighbor, reached out a helping hand to those around them, or donated free dry cleaning to the job-seeking and unemployed. We know there are more stories like these and HuffPost wants to highlight them. If you read or hear about an act of kindness in your community, email us the story at

These vignettes are a much needed counterpoint to the doom and gloom surrounding the economy; let's help change the conversation -- we can't do it without you.
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