05/24/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Do-Gooder Flash Mobs Encourage Green Choices By Businesses (VIDEO)

We first heard about Carrotmob almost a year ago -- they organize huge numbers of consumers ready to show up and buy things at a business that commits to doing something good.

They also play businesses against one another -- whichever business promises to do something better (say, donate a higher percentage of revenue to a certain cause) gets ALL of Carrotmob's socially-conscious consumers!


Carrotmob isn't the only such rowdy group of do-gooders, as Treehugger's Graham Hill blogged for us in December:

Carrotmob begat a number of other initiatives. A 'podmob' in Vancouver raised a few thousand dollars at a local sushi restaurant in return for the owners agreement to spend on new menus that would highlight 'best, go slow, avoid' fish choices for sushi as well as other greening. Inspired, a group of Dutch enthusiasts started Strawberry Earth online magazine and started planning events at local cafes to get the greening going.

The Carrotmob concept has even been spotted in Finland, where "Porkkanamafia" already had its first two events in Finnish restaurants - 3,250 Euros ($4,170) of extra profit at Helsinki's Juttutupa restaurant, of which 51 percent will go toward energy efficient lighting and kitchen appliances, and nearly 2,500 Euros ($3,207) for lighting at Cafe Europassa in Tampere.